Saturday, March 29, 2014

For the love of...

For the love of all that is SANE... How do I manage to end up with more stuff from Whore Couture, then I first did?
Took a friend to the event and just tacked on my follow hud ( yes I'm lazy), and ended up with a ton more items.
Guess it's just too addicting.
Speaking of addictions, check out this gacha find at the  Grenade Free Weekend  event, rubber duckies by Geek.

Grenade Free Weekend -
LM to geeks mainstore-
LM to Envious mainstore-
Outfit- :.Envious.: Susi
Necklace-  Pure Poison - Boho Time Necklace (free)
Duckie- ( more for sale at my resale shop-)    [geek.] 2ndHand CHewtoy- for sale
Rings- 7mad;Ravens Sinner RARE & Bad Girl RARE -

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