Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Selfie Craze


Apparently the selfie craze has even infected Second Life. I never did get the appeal of it all, but glaring at the camera is fun. Maybe, I should of bought one of those sticks...

Hair- : Puft : Rhythm  Darks Hud
Necklace- !.Eldritch. An Domhan Seodra ~ Necklace
Skin- *New* Deesses Boutique: Cynthia - skin-base - Cafe Bombon (090) tone
NailsDaneMarkZ  - Tropicana Slant Manicure& Pedicure
Pose- -CH- Selfie Pose
Dress- *New* .HIPNOTIC. Monster Skirt Top Combo


Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Wrong Side Of Wonderland...


She stepped from the shadow a kettle in tow.
Her eerie complexion a sight to behold.
Poor Alice had come about the wrong side of wonderland indeed.
Four words were uttered. "Care for some tea?"
So with a quivering hand she reached for a cup.
Her eyes growing heavy after just a large gulp.
And the last thing she saw, her eyes closing swift, was a satisfied fear from the wonder land witch.

Hair- Soonsiki - Diamond MARCH GG
Eyes- -SU!- Scarlet Eyes RUBY
CollarGoth1c0 - Zombie bear collar
Skin-Arms- -DRD- Grinchhands dark
Outfit- Dark Passions - Tweedle Me - Modern @AliceInSexyLand
Shoes- .HollyWeird - Aliss - Heels // w/HUD @AliceInSexyLand

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mr. Mad Hatter My Love. Have You Missed Me?

Calling all Alice in wonderland allies and fans!  Wonderland has taken over Second Life, bringing all you need to one location. Who is the true Alice? Is it you? Wonderland will be the judge of that! So head over to the Alice in Sexy Land Event, and dawn you "armor" and join the fight to over through the queen!
Dark Passions released the perfect tea party dress in an array of colors. I'm sure it'll impress Mr. Madhatter indeed. But, he's mine so watch it...

Well I'm here Mr. Madhatter, but do pray tell where are you? I've climbed down the rabbit hole wearing something blue.  Am I late? Am I late?  Were are you my love? Has the Queen of Hearts taken you to? Has she tossed you beneath the castle, never to see the light of day? Do pray tell, where are you? Now that mean ol rabbit chased me up a tree, and continued to look up. Oh! How naughty he can be!



Hat- *katat0nik* (mouse) Cameo Hat (old arcade common)
Collar- .tsg. Good Kitty Collar - Purity
Cat- {le fil casse} wonderland cheshire kitty teal@AliceInSexyLand
DressDark Passions - Alice in Roses - Blue Dress @AliceInSexyLand
Shoes- [BREATHE]-Sensuous Heels-Baby Blue @AliceInSexyLand


Hair- [taketomi]_Porsha_Bento 
Eyes- IKON - Sovereign Eyes - Soldier
Nails-  Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink - A Tale Of Wonder@AliceInSexyLand
Skin- .Birdy - Jaime Vip skin - Toffee <3
Maitreya Body
Slink elegant hands
Slink high feet



Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Darker Side of Heaven ~ Spikes, Lust, and Class


Soo...over the weekend I managed to make quite some L selling my old gacha collections. In other words hellooo shopping spree! Earlier this week I spotted a new fit by Sn@tch posted to facebook, in one of my many groups, so I headed over their first. Grabbed the above for under 300L.  My second stop was Redmint. Side note they have killer music so crank up those speakers!. Riffled through their hairs and fell in love with the above do.

Yes those heels adorning my feet are killer! You can grab them along with the eyepatch at Suicide Dollz.


Hair (red)Mint - Hair, No.07'13 (Blondes)
Eye patch- ZombieSuicide - Sanu eye patch @SuicideDollz
Collar-  (red)Mint - Posture Collar > No.06  (addons available)
Cuffs.random.Matter. - Bastille Cuff - Black
Wings- -DRD-  devine wings -raven
Fit- Sn@tch - Kala Retro Bikini (All Colors):::
Shoes- HollyWeird - Aura - Heels @SuicideDollz

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm Checking Out Of Adulthood!


Feeling melancholy, so when I logged on today I went for the mini version of me.
And of course We Love To Blog did not disappoint. This cheeky top can be found at The Boys Of Summer Fair by UNiQ PhaZe and even though a boy's shirt at first glance it's unisex and fit me well. Cute as a tomboy ain't I? Had to head for the market place to track down some jeans, and happened these free ones. Rest of the ensemble, the bear and lunch box is boogers, and the adorable hair is by D!va.

When  we wished to be older as children, this is not what I signed up for!
So I'm checking out from adulthood.
Turning back time to easier days.
When joy was as simple as mama cutting off the crusts.
Socializing meant recess.
Getting paid was dealt in candy.
No worries.
No cares.
No regrets.

It'll be 8 years august 20th that you left us, memories fade rather too quickly.
I don't remember much of childhood aside from getting sick.
Because that meant jello and pudding for a week.
And tons of chicken noodle soup, and us time.
I can barely recall her face..but..
I remember:

You were a mother.
You were a maid.
You were a nurse.
You were the good cop.
You were the bad cop.
You were a cook.
You were a teacher (professionally)
You were my tutor.
You were my confidant.
You were my protector.
You were my best friend.

But most of all..
 You were my hero.
And most of all.
You were my mother.

Hair- D!va - Hair "Bambi" (Fatpack) All haircolor sample pack (Gift)
EyesIKON  - Promise Eyes  - Denim
Teddy- BoOgErS - Daisy Bear @Arcade 
Poses- BABY - ToddleeDoo Fierce Poses
Hands- Cute Bytes - ToddleeDoo HandPoses
Lunch box- BoOgErS -  Lunch Box Blue
TopUNiQ PhaZe - Tude shirt- KID  toddleeDoo uni-sex @The Boys Of Summer Fair 
Jeans- [SKTD] Toddleedoo Diiego Straight Jeans Boxers Combo

Flirting with Glamour (That Little Black Dress)


Been a stressful last few days, but I have been itching to blog this new release by Suki. This gorgeous mesh gown gives you curves in all the right places. Would be great for an after party, or a romantic dinner with that special some one. A new release by Lazuri that was formerly 50% was just what was needed to tie this look in. Got to love when jewlery comes in a hud with just about every color option.

HairTRUTH HAIR - Topaz 
DeeTaleZ *Applier* for SLink Visage "Face Laura Powder b1" Mixedtype
Gown- Suki - Claire Gown ~ Black
JewelryLazuri - Viva La Diva Complete Set

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Every Angel Has Their Secrets (Hunt/Sale Info)

Yes even angels have their secrets. Or sins as you may call them.What could an angel possibly need to hide you ask? Well it's simple, angels are not allowed to be seen by humans. But some one has been naughty at Dark Passions, and setting out summoning circles. If you head over there now you can find a hint to her existence.

When she touched the circle it marked her for life, pentagrams were now etched into her nails. If your eyes can spy the hidden item, you too may have a bit of witch magic.

On another note D!va is having a hair sale at the moment,so be sure to head over there as soon as possible. I picked up a few myself, and also hit the arcade for this sexy little corset number. I was pouting when I tried it on, seeing as the panties did not fit my slink body. But low and behold, they are stretchable! Pixicat really out did themselves with this one, every detail is flawless and quite stunning.

If you are every in need of some unique jewelry to make a statement try visiting GeWunjo. The above choker let's you change not only the outer beads,but the inner as well, along with the metal. They sell a wide range of items from jewelry to even jeweled belts,and skirts.

P.S. I have a few extras of the corsets if anyone is interested. Extras of red, white, or mint for only 50 Lindens. IM EternalNecrosis.

Hair- D!va Hair - Astralia - (MVW DENMARK 2014)(Onyx)
Choker- GeWunjo- Malis Necklace
Cuffs- .random.Matter. - Bastille Wrist Cuff - Black
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Pentacle Passion- WitchyHourHunt Hint-  Hint: 
    Prize A - Slink Version: 
                    Look for the great white tree. Your Prize Hangs in the branches
    Prize B - Maitreya Version:
WingsRemarkableOblivion - Eternity Wings - Lust
Corset- -Pixicat- Temptation.Corset - Black nr.2 (m) @Arcarde

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lay Me Down

Lay me down on a bed of roses.
Pay your last respects.
Taunt me with the hope of after life-
Head my last request.


HairTRUTH HAIR - Vixen -  variety
Head Jewel- -UtopiaH- Wicca Head Jewel Onyx RARE
Necklace-  MonCheri -  Loreen Set #Noir
Dress- Suki - Elle ~ Black - Exclusive@ EVENT@1st 
Coffin- Boudoir- Wearable Sleeping Beauty Coffin Red Roses

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cruella You D!va


Introducing my new sponsor Sukitita !
They have it all.
From casual to couture, and even lingerie.
Make sure to visit, and see for your self.
The above comes in less girly colors also.

Hair- Spellbound - Hecate - Monochromes
Shades-RomperSuki -  Tally Romper ~ Pink
Bag- Suki - Tally HandBag ~ Pink
ShoesSuki -  Tally Shoes ~ Pink

The Bog ( Witchy Hour Hunt Preview)


If you guys have yet to check out the Witchy Hour Hunt, do so now. I usually end up trashing most items from hunts, but this one has had such great items so far I will be hoarding it all! Hat,spellbook/wand,staff,top,skirt, and lips are all 1L for this hunt.

Hint-  Livid : May the Sorcerer's Apprentice rest in peace. This is a requiem for a witch.
HintSalem : I Casta Spell On You
Hintsnaphappy : double double toil and bubble run to this doctor's box when you're in trouble

Hair- MOON - Hair - Essentials - Neen
Eyes-   Clemmm - Cabin Eyes - RosaRed @We<3RP
LipsSalem  - Hocus Pocus Lipsticks - WHH
SkinDeeTaleZ Skin - A.T.W. Emi Celtic
Bracelet- MonCheri -  Loreen Set #Noir
Nails- [CX] Lethal Talons (Black)@Kustom9
OutfitLivid  - Apprentice Doll Box -WHH
Staff/pose- WHH Hunt Prize  - [.snaphappy. ]
Hand pose- *PosESioN* Nails II Set