Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Right Out Of A Fairy Tale...

Hi! I'm Patches. The Easter Bunny, isn't the only bunny at work during spring you know. 
I'f you're lucky enough to find any bunny holes, you may just spot me.I'm usually found hanging out at The Season's Story with the rest of my minions er... friends.

Well the white rabbit may have had Alice, but I have the Panther (info coming soon).
So head over to her blog to see the details.

Alchemy - Spring Bunny Avatar unisex -  Patch

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Pirate's Life For Me

The Ghost on The Wind

Like a ghost on the wind
He comes from the sea,
And trembles the foe
Like a storm on the lee.

With swashbuckling swagger
And a Jolly Roger laugh,
He flies the black flag
On a whalebone staff.

He has a black-patched eye
And a ring in his ear,
And on his wind-burned face,
A crusty-grizzled beard....
-Alfred H. Lockamy 2005 

oooo a pirate's life for me.
A pirate must catch their own meals.
we also love shiny gold

cross me and ye get a hook to the eye

mighty fine catch today

Hair/ Headband - .Olive. the Marina Hair - Burned Browns 
Hook- Hook Hand Brown
Shoes-  lassitude & ennui Assassin boots black
Earrings- ~Soedara~ Gold Coin Girl Earring

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Welcome To The Funhouse

This used to be a funhouse
But now it's full of evil clowns
It's time to start the countdown
I'm gonna burn it down down down!!
I'm gonna burn it down!!!

The circus is in town now, with just as bipolar weather as my real life town apparently. Places in this sim rain, while others are born dry and safely tucked away in a tent.

I think I've been to the circus once or twice as a kid. Don't have much recollection of them, and don't condone them anymore. But, I will happily dress up and parade around on secondlife as a carny any day.

Hat- Eudora 3D Steampunk Hat 
Hair- little bones. Black Mirror - Soil/Moth(gacha)
Neck Chains- 7mad;Ravens BoltChain  exclusive to the 100 Block 
Shoes- [MODA] CORSET PIN UP PUMPS (outside booth)
Nails- DP - Koffin Nails - Dark Carnival

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Every Book Lovers Dream...

New goodies by Arcana found at The Feeling since 04/15 to 04/30 hurry at go and get yours now.
The nook itself is separate, from other items (candelabra, candles, books and skull) are a gacha.

Annabel Lee Reading Set Gacha -
Annabel Lee Reading Nook-

Outfit can be found at the 100 block by heathenesque ending the 30th.-

Nails are by ZOZ-

And the Air Canaan monocle can be found at the Japane Fair-

Location- the manor

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shiny Baubles @_@

Dress- .:AVALE:. Selenna .Hallow.
Heels- Get them why still available not long !
Hair- TRUTH HAIR Fleur  - found at The Seasons Story                                                                          main store

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where's The Doctor... when you need him?

A friend heard there was a sale at a store called Fashion Zombie... so we hurried over to find items at 50L or so and above.

Now I may not be the BIGGEST fan girl of Doctor Who but I do love the Doctor.. and gimme some tardis :o !

Hair-  [LCKY] Alcohol // Disaster Pack

Top-  fashion zombie. knotted shirt - doctor who
Panties- fashion zombie. boy briefs - doctor who

Wallowing With Horses...

I've always wanted a small ranch, or you know just a caravan deep within the woods, secluded from all.Why not?

Just live off the land, grow your own food. And have someone to share it with.

Sit out front and rock to the sounds of the night, and use nature as my all.

The riever makes a good wash bed.

Mother Nature is the best of cures.

Look into my magic ball....I will see into your soul.

Items Pictured-

{A} Animal Specimen - Crown for TGEBPH
At Mainstore from 04/06 to 04/21 for Grab The Eggs Before They Poof Hunt (Free hunt gift)

{A} Gypsy Gacha available at The Fantasy Room

{A} Gypsy Wagon at The Fantasy Room for  100L

{A} Herb Bottle Fat Pack




Hair- Exile::San Francisco Wild Fusion ( the seasons story)

Esmeralda Gypsy Outfit
Wreath- Strawberry Wreath (trans)
Basket- OW Basket with strawberry
Necklace- OW fiish bone necklace
Skin- DeeTaleZ Skin DELICIOUS Jaz No.1 VANILLA

Arcana Main Store-
Arcana Marketplace-
The Fantasy Room-

Friday, April 18, 2014

Little Girls...Shouldn't Play With Black Magic

I will follow you down wherever you go

I, I'm baby I'm bound to you and do you know?
Closer, pull me in tight
I wanna be yours, wanna be your hero
And my heart beats

We have all wished and one time or another that magic was real. That resurrection wasn't just a thing of the past/ and or myth.

“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.” 

Like the empire of the world unite

We are alive
And the stars make love to the universe
You're my wild fire every single night

But little girls shouldn't play with black magic. Shouldn't play with things they don't understand.

And as she tried to crawl away, all that was heard were three faint words.. "let me go..."

And my heart beats..

Hair- LoQ Hair- Grappa Pieva Black
Eyes- Lithium ~Creation :: Death Mask Special Eyes
Skin- DeeTaleZ Skin DELICIOUS Jaz No.1 VANILLA
Dress- Dark Confessor Outfit by Caverna Obscura
Necklace-  EarthStones Book of Shadows Locket
Earrings- EarthStones Bewitching Earrings
Nose Bleed- .Pekka. Nose Bleed V2 (found at the Cosmetics Fair)

Pentagram- Mystic CIrcle Pentacle                                      
Book (furniture but also used as a hand prop with some work)- Arcana
Prop- Image Essentials -female studio
Cosmetics Fair-

Even the crows wept for her...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A New York Excursion

Photo retouched in program

Decided to take a much needed exploration, by myself, earlier this week just to enjoy the scenery of second life and relax. Upon doing so I found this neat little New York based sim, and a cute park to pose in.

I do love editing, but I love raw shots since it show's off the items more expectantly.
Those bicycles behind me are a bit... hard.. to ride. I almost face planted the asphalt but it was fun!.

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Fleur  - found at The Seasons Story                                                                          main store
Heels- REIGN Bow Peeps black- found at the 100 Block                                                                     main store
Dress- LEONARD! Loose Dress -petrol- found at The Seasons Story                                                     main store
Necklace- PP - Yola Necklace ( free group gift/ free to join)
Bag-  Zenith sledge leather hand bag found at The Seasons Story  

The Seasons Story
100 Block-

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Demon's Rendezvous

Even demon's need a little play time, or in other words some time to lurk with the shadows for her next victim >.> .

-Readjusts the spotted horns, so they aren't crooked-
"Ahem...I swear they're holding up a halo somewhere.."

These cute ass mini horns can be found a Alter Ego in the group gift section. And yes the group is free to join.

Horns- alterego I dev!l horns
Top- Heathenesque - tanksy turvy teal ( found at the 100 Block)
Shorts- Heathenesque - Glitz and Glam Shorts Black ( found at the 100 Block)
Shoes- REIGN.- SOVEREIGN WEDGES ( found at the 100 Block)
Hair- Exile::San Francisco Wild Fusion (found at The Seasons Story)
Piercings- Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (July Group Gift)
Collar- Posture Collar > No.06
Prop - Image Essentials (couples studio)

The Seasons Story-
100 Block-

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunshine On A Cloudy day

Apparently the seventh time's the charm. Tried desperately to get into The seasons storybut I crashed about six times, ending up below the water the last try haha. So I headed over to 100 block instead. Which was surprisingly a hell of a lot less laggy o.O.

Little Bone's ( one of my favorite, and go to hair shop) put out this gorgeous new exclusive the  Gods & Monsters hair (featured in brown).

And yes that's the 09 rare cone featured above ( will have another to sell for 35L IM Eternal Necrosis, also have 01 rare, and 03 reg.)

100 Block-
The seasons story-

Hair- Little Bone's - Gods & Monsters (100 block)
Nails- Mon Cheri- Butterfly Set
Hat- Zenith - Rattan ribbon Hat (snow) (The seasons story)
Dress- Zenith (Blue)Denim Lace Dress  (The seasons story)
Skin- Al Vulo Ewa-Sunkissed
Shoes- Blah. (My Extreme Wooden Wedges) (100 block)
Necklace-  Zenith- Deep Blue Earth Stone Egg Necklace  (The seasons story)
Ice cream- {Imeka} Sweet Ice Cream 09 (The seasons story)

RAW shots (all) 

Make Sure to stop and gawk at the scenery of  The seasons story it makes for some great shots!