Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Bringer of Death

If you see a beauty with curled horns, and rattling chains, run.
She comes about, when the night covers the sun.
Claws for fingers,and ink tainted skin.
Her eyes aren't natural, they swirl from the blood spilled within.

A tooth about her waist, for every kill.
Bodies keep falling, never having her fill.
A heavy brow, and a spike ridden body.
Run, run, little one before she has a chance to disembody.

Location- Personal Home|Hair-+Spellbound+ Hecate (TDSF) |Headpiece-[ContraptioN] Oil owl(TDSF)  |Eyes--SU!- Scarlet Eyes RUBY(TDSF)  | Horns-Obscure Chained Horns Black(TDSF) |Collar-DRDChain necklace |Body Spikes-.DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns  (TDSF)  |Earrings-.random.Matter. - Abaddon Earrings(TDSF)  |Skirt-GeWunjo Alice black skirt|Body Ink-Obscure - Ink Mess Full(TDSF)  |Inked Hands-[ContraptioN] Oil owl (TDSF)  |Clawed feet-Nana - Succu Laces Black (SDE)

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