Monday, October 20, 2014

As the fog rolls in..

What's your favorite holiday? Be it Christmas,Fourth of July or Valentine's day, mine is and always will be Halloween.

So of course I was overjoyed, upon hearing about the TAG Gacha. A 50 locations hud driven adventure. Be sure to tag each board,located at every new destination! Machines have mystery coupons,redeemable when all 50 are tagged. For instructions and previews go......>HERE<

Head- *Shai* Pumpkin Head Rare Jill@TAGgacha
Body- *Shai* Pumpkin Rare breed body@TAGgacha
Jacket- *Shai* Pumpkin Jacket black@TAGgacha
Bow-tie- *Shai* Pumpkin bow-tie black@TAGgacha
Skirt-*Shai* Pumpkin Skirt Black@TAGgacha
Hat- RO - SpellBinder - Hecate@TAGgacha
Skelly cat-{vespertine}- skully chubby kitty@TAGgacha
Witch cat-{vespertine}- witch chubby kitty@TAGgacha
Ghost dog- [geek.] Sheldon's Sugar High Pak Spooks RARE@TAGgacha
Orange pumpkins-{vespertine}-pumpkins/orange@TAGgacha
Dark pumpkins-{vespertine}-pumpkins/darks@TAGgacha

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