Monday, October 20, 2014

As the fog rolls in..

What's your favorite holiday? Be it Christmas,Fourth of July or Valentine's day, mine is and always will be Halloween.

So of course I was overjoyed, upon hearing about the TAG Gacha. A 50 locations hud driven adventure. Be sure to tag each board,located at every new destination! Machines have mystery coupons,redeemable when all 50 are tagged. For instructions and previews go......>HERE<

Head- *Shai* Pumpkin Head Rare Jill@TAGgacha
Body- *Shai* Pumpkin Rare breed body@TAGgacha
Jacket- *Shai* Pumpkin Jacket black@TAGgacha
Bow-tie- *Shai* Pumpkin bow-tie black@TAGgacha
Skirt-*Shai* Pumpkin Skirt Black@TAGgacha
Hat- RO - SpellBinder - Hecate@TAGgacha
Skelly cat-{vespertine}- skully chubby kitty@TAGgacha
Witch cat-{vespertine}- witch chubby kitty@TAGgacha
Ghost dog- [geek.] Sheldon's Sugar High Pak Spooks RARE@TAGgacha
Orange pumpkins-{vespertine}-pumpkins/orange@TAGgacha
Dark pumpkins-{vespertine}-pumpkins/darks@TAGgacha

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beetle Juice,Beetle Juice,Beetle Juice!!!

Finally getting back to blogging.Though how tedious it is with this computer,they're are no words. But good things come,to those who wait. 

If you haven't been by the Halloween Hellraiser Event please do so, as today is the LAST day
(12pm noon-10pm SLT ). Besides great tunes,company and atmosphere they're are many EXCLUSIVE items to be had. It's to benefit mental illnesses so leave your straight jackets,lobotomies etc at the door.Don't be rude,and donate if can!

Hat- -DRD- Victorian tophat @Halloween Hellraiser Event
Hair- +Spellbound+ Hecate // Monochromes 
Button eyes- Razor /// The Other Girl - Black Plastic Button Eyes@BloodyHororFair
Mouth/finger eyes- 7mad;Ravens. . .Eyes On You (group gift)
Makeup- Bella Elephante - Stitched @CosmeticFair
Skin- KALINA. Holy Witch skin - Tone #06 - BrimstoneCosmeticFair
Necklace- DRD -zombie apoc - zombie ear necklace (past Arcade gacha)
Tattoos- KALINA. Dark Side Of Your Soul - FullBodyTattoo@CosmeticFair
Top- GATO- Crop Corset Stripes@TheSeasonsStory
Blazer- The Secret Store - Structured Blazer - Crow
Bottoms- GATO- Wide Pants Stripes@TheSeasonsStory 
Shoes- :Diamante: Tainted V.3 @BloodyHororFair
Umbrella- -DRD- Victorian umbrella @Halloween Hellraiser Event
Bracelets- Heathenesque Lil Stingers Bracelets