Thursday, May 29, 2014

~The Hotspot~

I've always loved the vintage style and movies the like.Dirty dancing and Greaser are two of my favorites. Above is an old jukebox , and a rustic,nostalgic soda dispenser by Arcana. Both are great as a prop, or the finishing touch to a 50's home stead or bar.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Try Me...I dare you..

Try me..I dare you..
These  gloves are starting to rust from all the spilled blood.
But, I'm certain there's enough life in them for just one more.
Gauntlets(Remarkable Oblivion) available at Dark Style Fair|Remarkable Oblivion.
In gold,black, and silver/blood stained.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


A new event called Risque Business has started. It will continue till June 15th.
The above featured is a sleek  bodysuit available in many patterns/colors found within the event by Heathenesque.It fits splendidly from both the front, and the back. My ass isn't even mesh in this, yet it looks this great!. Outfit comes with lola,wow appliers etc.. The Ruby Hair is found in

CaTwA's catalog.

Poses- //elephante poses//
  #1survival 3,#2 closer 5,#3 closer 4

Naughty,Naughty ;)

A new event called Risque Business has started. It will continue till June 15th.
You can find the above tattoos inside 7mad;Ravens. They'll be available there, and also at the main store since not an exclusive. Hair found at The Darkstyle Fair (TDSF) by little bones.( I used a different hair base.)

~Cigarettes and Rendezvous~

Fishnets,jewelery,shoes NOT Included

A new event called Risque Business has started. It will continue till June 15th.
The above featured is a burlesque style corset and bra found within the event by Heathenesque.It fits splendidly from both the front, and the back. My ass isn't even mesh in this, yet it looks this great!. Outfit comes with lola,wow appliers etc

Shoes-[MODA] CORSET PIN UP PUMPS| Hair-! Sugarsmack !  : Sachi |Skin-FAKE :: Be Skin - Coffee|
 Cig-NikotiN| Leggings-. AUTOPSY . Socks Strap Black (With Fishnet)|Fishnets| Envious free gift :.Envious.: Climax

Poses- some props from location/ some poses from elephante poses

Saturday, May 24, 2014

~Geeks~ Unite

I'd like to introduce you to Static. my new lil friend from the Funny Puppet Fair. He came out of Geek with a processor full of love, and pick up lines lol. Today May 25th is the last day to get him! There's also a small hunt at the fair (posters/hints within a select 9 stores) so be sure to check it out.

Tv Pet-[geek.] Suave Geekbot ( at TFPF) | Hair- little bones. Spice (TDSF)|Undies- .. boy briefs - batman|Top-::Envious:: Tshirt - Minions | Leg Warmers-[geek.] Hey Listen Boot  (We<3RP)|
Poses- //elephante poses// 
pose 1 roxanne #5, pose 2 roxanne #5, pose 3 survival #3

The Bringer of Death

If you see a beauty with curled horns, and rattling chains, run.
She comes about, when the night covers the sun.
Claws for fingers,and ink tainted skin.
Her eyes aren't natural, they swirl from the blood spilled within.

A tooth about her waist, for every kill.
Bodies keep falling, never having her fill.
A heavy brow, and a spike ridden body.
Run, run, little one before she has a chance to disembody.

Location- Personal Home|Hair-+Spellbound+ Hecate (TDSF) |Headpiece-[ContraptioN] Oil owl(TDSF)  |Eyes--SU!- Scarlet Eyes RUBY(TDSF)  | Horns-Obscure Chained Horns Black(TDSF) |Collar-DRDChain necklace |Body Spikes-.DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns  (TDSF)  |Earrings-.random.Matter. - Abaddon Earrings(TDSF)  |Skirt-GeWunjo Alice black skirt|Body Ink-Obscure - Ink Mess Full(TDSF)  |Inked Hands-[ContraptioN] Oil owl (TDSF)  |Clawed feet-Nana - Succu Laces Black (SDE)

Some Music To Set The Mood

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When The Sun Kisses The Earth, The Fairies Come Out To Play...

When the sun's rays reach down to kiss the earth the fairies come out to play. One towers over the rest, lead by the woodland creatures at her heels. The fairy queen protects all life within her forest. 

Armor- Luas Dark Swan Armor TEAL
Skirt- Luas Dark Swan Skirt & Pauldrons TEAL
Hat- Zibska ~ Ibis Hat & Collar RARE [transfer]
Hair-*Calico* Mantha - Blacks
Collar- Zibska ~ Ibis Hat & Collar RARE [transfer]
Feet Jewelry- Pure Poison - Shakeelah Feet Jewelry - RARE
Wings- Fairy WingsBlackS2 RARE
Fox- Birdy/Alchemy -Forest Babies  - Fox - Red( have other fox colors 40L)
Squirrel- Birdy/Alchemy -Forest Babies  - Squirrel - Black 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seduction Of A Southern Bell (TBATH)

couch, record player,cat, film projector, reels, table, and screen all by arcana for the hunt

And now story time...

Dixie didn't expect the sultry brunette who opened the door of the Private Investigators Office that day. Who would have thought Alex DeMuira was a woman, especially in their era, but there she was....tall, dark and mysterious.

Sitting across from her was intimidating for the petite, southern belle, not just because Alex somehow made her uncomfortable, but because of the nature of their business. Leroy had brought her here, her husband. After years of questioning, the money Dixie had ferreted away had brought her to Alex's door for answers.

Leroy was not who he said he was and it was time to pay this woman what ever she needed to find the truth. As Dixie crossed her legs in her delicate lace dress; looking up through her auburn curls, she realized this was going to be a far greater adventure than she had ever dreamed.

She came searching for answers, but never dreamed she would find love behind that leaded glass door. But the combination of a whiskey smooth voice and smoldering grey eyes were deadly on that Southern girls heart.

Not until Alex stood and walked around the desk, taking Dixie's hand in hers, pulling her close in a heated, forbidden embrace did Dixie realize she had the same effect on the worldly P.I., Alex DeMuira.

To see Dixie's outfit

Hair-    Allanda Vintage Hair in Black
Outfit-  FBD Sweet suspenders prune

Six different screen captures to choose from
UP And Coming Breakfast at Tiffany's Hunt (10.-31.May). It's an exclusive only available to the hunt, so get your thinking caps on and get ready to hunt!!!
NAME OF THE HUNT :     The Breakfast at Tiffany's Hunt
HUNT DURATION :          15.May - 31.May 2014
Free and Gridwide Hunt
Items from Arcana

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Lioness's Wrath(TFG)

After days of trying, I finally managed to slip inside The Fantasy Gacha Event. Rows and rows of machines anything from wings, to octopuses for your head, and battle armor you can find inside. Many female and male items both. Be sure to hit all of the Birdy/Alchemy one's or you are sure to miss out on some great finds!. Most of thee items pictured above are by them, my absolute favorite store for fantasy wear.

And any leader or queen wouldbe incomplete without her throne. You can pick up more fantasy items like these at Arcana .

The petals tickle...

Hood- Alchemy - Lion Hood unisex - Golden - RARE (TFG)
Eyes- .random.Matter. Ethereal Eyes - Ghost & gold (left)
Head Jewlery- ::Axix:: Maev Chains v.2 Gold (TFG)
Top- Alchemy - Huntress - Top m - Gold  (TFG)
Collar- Alchemy - Huntress - Collar - Gold (TFG)
Belted skirt- Alchemy - Huntress - Belt m - Gold (TFG) 
Foot chains- Pure Poison - Oriental Gold Feet Jewelry - BOXED(TFG)
Nails- -{ZOZ}- Floral Etch Elegant Polish - (Slink)
Weapon- Alchemy - Huntress Scythe -  ULTRA RARE  (TFG)
Arm bracers- . a i s l i n g . Fangarth -Bracer- Gold (TFG)
Throne- {A} Iron Throne (boxed)
Pose (last picture)- {NanTra} Hear Me Roar! (TFG)

(TFG) = The Fantasy Gacha