Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Don't let this innocent  lil fluffball fool you.
He's actually highly blood thirsty, as you can see from the aftermath behind me.
They feed on fear,growing more massive the more terrified you are.

It's been a long week..wasn't feeling well still am not, but work is work. SL also decided to glitch these past two days,but finally got this down. Better a tad late then never <3

Hair- *Soonsiki! Soul GG
BowRemarkableOblivion - Briar Bow Headband
Eyes- (yes favorite pair )
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Coffin Cutie @Spooky Cute
ClawsCuteBomb - Cross Nails (Black) W/Stone Hud *NEW*
KnucklesCuteBomb- Brass Knucks) W/Hud *NEW*
Cat -Pixicat- Wonderland.Cat nr.1 (Black)
Bracelet- *MonCheri* Loreen Set #Noir @BlackFashion
Spiked bangleZombieSuicide - Spiked bangles *EXCLUSIVE GIFT* @Shadow Realm
DressJust Darling -Gretchen @CARNEVIL
Shoes- .HollyWeird. - Capone - Heels *EXCLUSIVE*@ SuicideDollz

PosESioN &Signature Poses

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


When they say you come back as your favorite thing I was thinking an animal. A fox maybe?

What the hell kind of limbo is this?
Because, I am certainly NOT amused!
Is this my legacy?


Hair Olive. - the Tumble Hair - Dark Fades @TAG
Eyes-  IKON -  Charm Eyes - Poltergeist 
Teethwhatever - Teeth 2.0 - Fangs
Nails- DarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Retro Gamer Tip @ Geek vs. Hipster CartSale
Dress- ! ellemeno ! doris dress - video games
Pose2-  Signature Pose -  Those Nails

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cryptic Sunflowers


Bow- [VN]Bone Daddy - Eye on You
Hair- Olive. - the Tumble Hair - Dark Fades @TAG
Eyes-  IKON -  Charm Eyes - Poltergeist 
Teethwhatever - Teeth 2.0 - Fangs
Earrings-  nova  - The Penryn Earring {Porpoise} 
Ring- FBD Funny puppet fair gift Kawaii skull ring
Nails-   DarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Dark Unicorn @BlackFashion
Bow - tiePOMPOSITY - Bow Tie w/ Skull (BOXED) - RARE  
Skin- DeeTaleZ Skin - A.T.W. Emi Celtic @BlackFashion
DressCuteBomb - Esther Lace Dress  @CARNEVIL
Heels- -CH- Fata Heels Black

One Last Smoke...

"Well ain't this grand."

At least I don't have to worry about the dead getting to me. They never seemed much for well done  anyways.
Kind to think of it, I went numb a long time ago. Not that physical numbness, no, that you give a fuck all about anyone kind of numb. That works on pain too.

"Doesn't it?....Fuck I hope so."

This should have been an easy run..In and out. But stupid me had to trip over the can and bust an ankle. The fire was an intended distraction. My get away. downfall.

Not much of a religious person, but you best believe with being faced with the resolution of burning alive, I prayed.

And began to rain.


Hair- Blues -Robin - Snow @TAG
Eyes-  IKON -  Charm Eyes - Poltergeist 
Nails- DarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Musette's Manus @BlackFashion
Gloves7mad;Ravens - Reaper Glove Set-White  GroupGift
Necklace7mad;Ravens - Tagged :Beast GroupGift
Blade - DRD -zombie apoc- armblade
BeltDRD -zombie apoc - belt  the end
Pipe- [CX] DragonTail Pipe Black (Ebony) @TAG
JacketDarkPassions- Feliciaa - Black Leather/Studded Jacket @BlackFashion
Leggins- Livid : Ministry Leggings_Hell Rider 
ShoesShoes- .HollyWeird. Kurb Stompers @100Block


1DelMay - Bed snacks
2- Signature Pose -  Those Nails

Sunday, April 19, 2015

123 Ghoul Lane

Isadora was always more comfortable within a cemetery then a frat party.She tended to keep to herself most days. The girl did however loved to give the ghouls a fright. Not that they could be frightened though, but it's awfully cruel to tease the dead.

Isadora was one of many, a product of fear itself, of Chuthulu. Her mother was a formerly renowned witch until the madness took her. Those raven locks are just like hers, never staying put.

Yet tonight she was on a mission..Rumor had it CARNEVIL was coming to a close, at least for now. It was young Isadora's second favorite hangout. She had allways felt at home among the "freaks." They also had great fashion sense.

CARNEVIL will be taking a hiatus after this 10th round so all you ghouls,goblins,witches and all around horror freaks go show it some love.


Horns- ZombieSuicide-  Tentacle horns 
Hair- [taketomi]_Porsha_Bento @SeasonsStory
Collar- D-Style - Captured - Celtic
Nails- -UtopiaH- My Handy Skully Claws Add On (gesture slink size 10 works best)
Top-  The Little Bat - Alba Tops @CARNEVIL
JacketCuteBomb - Jazzy Plaid Jacket (BLACK)  @100Block
Skirt- Beautiful Dirty Rich - I Hate People
Shoes- .HollyWeird. Bellatrix Heels (spikes optional) @SuicideDollz
Poses- GLITTERATI - Pin up girl

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Hive

It wasn't always like this. Or so I've been told.
But one day the world dried up, and with it civilization.
Even our one never spoiling food source was effected.
Newly formed bacteria spread worldwide turning our amber like honey into grey sludge.
There was an upside though, it made for great fuel.
So we built an army of mechanical insects to help with retrieval.

Hair- *Soonsiki~ Grind *Blacks*
Goggles- 7mad;Ravens Ensnare-Black @We<3RP
Bee- +REDRUM+ Mouth Bee Honey Goop RARE
InsectsC L A Vv. Mechanical Insects @TAG
WingsC L A Vv. Mechanical Insect Wings Mystery RARE@TAG
Top- .HollyWeird. Midnight - Sweater @BlackFashionFair
Shoes- .HollyWeird. Kurb Stompers @100Block


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

About Town

Time for a 360 from the gothic looks after opening Nya's blogger box, courtesy of the We Love To Blog group. It was over spilling with pretties so I chose two to show case. Mind you, I have on a small, but this mesh gives curves where it counts.

"Chi-chi what the hell are you doing up there?"


Look #1

Hair- Soonsiki- Diamond MARCH GroupGift
EyesIKON - Charm Eyes- Poltergeist
BraceletSassy!- Polished Cuff Bracelet (trans) - brown
BagNya's- LeatherBowlingBagToastedAlmond
DressNya's- PencilDress SilkAlmond
Shoes- Nya's- PointyShoes ToastedAlmond 
Pose- Maru Maru - Cute Pose 3

Look #2

HairSoonsiki- Diamond MARCH GroupGift
Eyes-  IKON - Charm Eyes- Poltergeist
CollarZibska ~ Vova Full Vs
Bracelet- PROMAGIC - CSR Bracelet (Black Leather)
Bag-  Nya's- BowlingBag Words Tangerine
Dress-  Nya's- PencilDress PatternTangerine 
ShoesNya's - PointyShoes Toasted Almond 
PupBirdy - Little Chi - Sit - Spot Black RARE @chap4
Pose- Maru Maru - Cute Pose 3

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Magic Of Spring


Now this is my kind of spring time. I'm not usually a pastel girl, but Dark Passions new release for The 100 Block is a great balance between cutesy and goth. She's even released matching nails available in slink,belleza,and maitreya (sold separate).

Also don't miss these limited edition shades found at Urban united /Hustle & Flow .

Hat/hairSpellbound - Hecate // Monochromes
EyesIKON - Deadshine Eyes - Black
ShadesCuteBomb  - (Cunt1) Shades Limited Gacha @ Urban united /Hustle & Flow .
Lips- Glam Affair - Summer skin - Asia - 05
Necklace- (Yummy) Monday Morning Necklace - Onyx
NailsDark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Melting Spirit - Pastel @ The 100 Block
RingSugarBabes - Scorpio Ring
Tats- { Speakeasy } Medusa Tatto
TopDark Passions - Carmen - Crop Top - Melting Spirit Pastel  @ The 100 Block
Skirt- A&CO -Ultra Mini Skirt Cotton Candy Hunt (over)
BootsApple May Designs - Thigh High's - Black

Friday, April 10, 2015

That Girl Is A...

I’m your dream girl
This is real love
But you know what they say about me…
That girl is a problem
Girl is a problem
Girl is a problem problem
Oh Baby
You so bad boy
Drive me mad boy
But you don’t care when they say about me…
That girl is a problem
Girl is a problem
Girl is a problem problem


Hairlittle bones. - Spice
BlindfoldCuteBomb -  (Bad Girl) Blindfold Limited Gacha Rigged @Urban United event
Top- CuteBomb - Deanna Spiked Bra W/Hud @CARNEVIL
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails -  Slink - Hot Rod 50s Flame (also in Belleza & Maitreya) @100Block
Tats- .Inhale. - Senses Fail 
But dermalsZombieSuicide - Butt dermals (group gift)
Panties-  CuteBomb - Deanna Spiked Panties W/Hud @CARNEVIL


Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Only Friend...

Teddy you're my only friend?
You know that don't you?
Course you still have your pretty lil head.

Hat- .DirtyStories. - Circus Party Hat @CARNEVIL
Hair- Spellbound -  Hecate // Monochromes
EyesIKON - Deadshine Eyes - Black
Bear (mouth)DarkPassions -  Bear-ly Hangin' On - Bloody Burlap - RARE
SmileRazorblade Jacket - Smile Gently Face Tat
Body paint- KALINA. Dark Side Of Your Soul - FullBodyTattoo
Skin- TheSkinYourIn - Heather 
CollarMiamai_CDS -_Pierrot Collar Black RARE  (old gacha)
Jacket- D-Style - Kristin Fur Hoodie w.HUD ::
PantsBiscuit- Ayo Pants @CARNEVIL
Heels- .HollyWeird. Zylpha - Platforms @CARNEVIL
Teddy-  Gabriel - Big bear [RARE] (old gacha)


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lady Anarchy


Anarchy listens to no one...


Eyes- IKON - Charm Eyes - Crimson
Eye linerBoDy FLuid - Tears Of Sorrow EyeLiner @CARNEVIL
TopZombieSuicide -  Pow Top @ The 100 Block
Skirt- ZombieSuicide - Halt Skirt @ The 100 Block
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Ageless Anarchy 


Monday, April 6, 2015

Washing Day Dread... (Hunt items,gifts,and cheap shit)


When the gang asked if we could head into town to do laundry, I was over joyed at them finally wanting to pitch in. Yet here I stand, mouth a gap as the door of the laundromat,or should I say hell, chimes signalling departure. The little devils got as far as sorting before they booked. Twins headed out to shop,and grab ice-cream, as the evil master mind headed down towards the pub. 

Can you guess who's getting a stray red sock in their whites?


Hair- D!va Hair -Natsuki2 (Onyx)
EyesIKON - Promise Eyes - Evening
EarringsStylovely - Earrings Cherry
LipsDeeTaleZ Makeup - BLOOD Lips gloss
RingSwallow Lily Ring
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails -  Slink - So Very Cherry (Forever Rockabilly Hunt)
BowsMuka- Burlesque Bow

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Psychosis (FREE Nails last few hours to grab)


Since I no longer celebrate Easter, I kind of forgot it was today...WOOPS. But between Dark Passions new nails for  The Great CasperTech Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt (1 day only), and opening my blogger boxes from CARNEVIL, this lil monstrosity was born.

I think I like my creepy easter better,though I do miss the candy...


Hair- Envious -Sadako - Black - Whites
Eyes- [ContraptioN] Wide-Sight Eye 
Face- BoDy FLuid -Zipper Face Tattoo @CARNEVIL
Teeth/ears-  Cobrahive - Bunny I am [Black]
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Victorian Hare (hunt item see above info)
Bows- Muka- Burlesque Bow
Bear-  BoOgErS - DEAD Bear (past gacha)
Dress- -Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.2 - Black (s) 1 (past gacha)

~Scaring the shit out of your friends?~ PRICELESS!
Hint- Behind Each Doorway you may find opportunity!
If you miss them, soon they will be available full price on MP.