Friday, June 20, 2014

Cerberus's Caller

Soo  many events,so little time. If you like role-play wear, or lean move towards the gothic styles you should definitely check out these event.

We<3RP is one of my favorites and a monthly event featuring all kinds of role play wear, including gachas and discounted items, along with a few men's items. You can pick up the above halo, and body paints from there.

My head amulet is from Tales of Fantasy, an event I stumbled upon recently. I have some items available from it and from the other events, if you don't  manage to catch what you wanted.

The adorable three headed,rambunctious pup in my arms can be found at the Totally top shelf event, the rest is from the Thrift shop.


Hair-.ploom. Becca| Head jewel-UtopiaH- Wicca Head Jewel Onyx RARE (TOF)| Halo-.random.Matter. - Deucalion Halo (WE<3RP) | Pup-[geek.] Cerberpups Pak Styx(TTS)| Body Paints- - .HoD. - Sanvean Body Paints (WE<3RP) |Rings-:Diamante: Edge Rings - SLink (Thrift shop)|Top-black lace (Thrift shop)|Bottom-occult jean skirts (Thrift shop)|

Location- Image Essentials

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