Monday, April 20, 2015

One Last Smoke...

"Well ain't this grand."

At least I don't have to worry about the dead getting to me. They never seemed much for well done  anyways.
Kind to think of it, I went numb a long time ago. Not that physical numbness, no, that you give a fuck all about anyone kind of numb. That works on pain too.

"Doesn't it?....Fuck I hope so."

This should have been an easy run..In and out. But stupid me had to trip over the can and bust an ankle. The fire was an intended distraction. My get away. downfall.

Not much of a religious person, but you best believe with being faced with the resolution of burning alive, I prayed.

And began to rain.


Hair- Blues -Robin - Snow @TAG
Eyes-  IKON -  Charm Eyes - Poltergeist 
Nails- DarkPassions - Koffin Nails - Slink - Musette's Manus @BlackFashion
Gloves7mad;Ravens - Reaper Glove Set-White  GroupGift
Necklace7mad;Ravens - Tagged :Beast GroupGift
Blade - DRD -zombie apoc- armblade
BeltDRD -zombie apoc - belt  the end
Pipe- [CX] DragonTail Pipe Black (Ebony) @TAG
JacketDarkPassions- Feliciaa - Black Leather/Studded Jacket @BlackFashion
Leggins- Livid : Ministry Leggings_Hell Rider 
ShoesShoes- .HollyWeird. Kurb Stompers @100Block


1DelMay - Bed snacks
2- Signature Pose -  Those Nails

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