Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Hive

It wasn't always like this. Or so I've been told.
But one day the world dried up, and with it civilization.
Even our one never spoiling food source was effected.
Newly formed bacteria spread worldwide turning our amber like honey into grey sludge.
There was an upside though, it made for great fuel.
So we built an army of mechanical insects to help with retrieval.

Hair- *Soonsiki~ Grind *Blacks*
Goggles- 7mad;Ravens Ensnare-Black @We<3RP
Bee- +REDRUM+ Mouth Bee Honey Goop RARE
InsectsC L A Vv. Mechanical Insects @TAG
WingsC L A Vv. Mechanical Insect Wings Mystery RARE@TAG
Top- .HollyWeird. Midnight - Sweater @BlackFashionFair
Shoes- .HollyWeird. Kurb Stompers @100Block


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