Saturday, March 15, 2014

A lil gold goes a long way.....

Three major things have happened this last week. My first time ever visit to the luck of the irish gacha was a blast.Even if I was forced to pan in, in order to do so. The frustration was well worth it.

Among picking up an assortment of head accessories and clothing, my eyes spotted some neat ciggies by NikotiN and of course I had to win some for me and a few friends. Funny I love smoking on here, but I'm actually allergic and shy away from it real life wise. Ironic huh?


I also hit the collab 88 for the first time. But that tidbit we will leave for another post.
What I really want to talk to you about if my favorite prop place of all time.

Image Essentials graciously gives its group joiners a vast amount of props, from the scenic areas around the shop and studio to the individual studios themselves. They even have group poses.

The above caravan -waggles brows- Im an irish gypsy for the day.. can be found at image essentials.

Just join the group and hit the big red buttons to rez what you wish.

Sadly though, the sim has become a bit pricey. And I know we'd all be sad to see them go/ or having to downsize. So please support if you can, even if you just re-post this blog entry.

Taxi to Image Essentials -

Jumper- Beautiful Dirty Rich  Feels Like The Old Times
Hair-  Lamb Wild at heart
Tats- Letis Love and hate
Skin- Al Vulo Ewa Sunkised
Eyes- Random matter Ethereal
Hat7mad;Ravens The Lucky of The Irish  Gacha
Flask- Ruca Tease
Nails- 110 colors
Ciggy- The Lucky of The Irish  Gacha
Pot of Gold Prop - Ruca Tease



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