Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seduction Of A Southern Bell (TBATH)

couch, record player,cat, film projector, reels, table, and screen all by arcana for the hunt

And now story time...

Dixie didn't expect the sultry brunette who opened the door of the Private Investigators Office that day. Who would have thought Alex DeMuira was a woman, especially in their era, but there she was....tall, dark and mysterious.

Sitting across from her was intimidating for the petite, southern belle, not just because Alex somehow made her uncomfortable, but because of the nature of their business. Leroy had brought her here, her husband. After years of questioning, the money Dixie had ferreted away had brought her to Alex's door for answers.

Leroy was not who he said he was and it was time to pay this woman what ever she needed to find the truth. As Dixie crossed her legs in her delicate lace dress; looking up through her auburn curls, she realized this was going to be a far greater adventure than she had ever dreamed.

She came searching for answers, but never dreamed she would find love behind that leaded glass door. But the combination of a whiskey smooth voice and smoldering grey eyes were deadly on that Southern girls heart.

Not until Alex stood and walked around the desk, taking Dixie's hand in hers, pulling her close in a heated, forbidden embrace did Dixie realize she had the same effect on the worldly P.I., Alex DeMuira.

To see Dixie's outfit

Hair-    Allanda Vintage Hair in Black
Outfit-  FBD Sweet suspenders prune

Six different screen captures to choose from
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  1. Rawr! This came out amazing! All the props were perfect!