Sunday, April 19, 2015

123 Ghoul Lane

Isadora was always more comfortable within a cemetery then a frat party.She tended to keep to herself most days. The girl did however loved to give the ghouls a fright. Not that they could be frightened though, but it's awfully cruel to tease the dead.

Isadora was one of many, a product of fear itself, of Chuthulu. Her mother was a formerly renowned witch until the madness took her. Those raven locks are just like hers, never staying put.

Yet tonight she was on a mission..Rumor had it CARNEVIL was coming to a close, at least for now. It was young Isadora's second favorite hangout. She had allways felt at home among the "freaks." They also had great fashion sense.

CARNEVIL will be taking a hiatus after this 10th round so all you ghouls,goblins,witches and all around horror freaks go show it some love.


Horns- ZombieSuicide-  Tentacle horns 
Hair- [taketomi]_Porsha_Bento @SeasonsStory
Collar- D-Style - Captured - Celtic
Nails- -UtopiaH- My Handy Skully Claws Add On (gesture slink size 10 works best)
Top-  The Little Bat - Alba Tops @CARNEVIL
JacketCuteBomb - Jazzy Plaid Jacket (BLACK)  @100Block
Skirt- Beautiful Dirty Rich - I Hate People
Shoes- .HollyWeird. Bellatrix Heels (spikes optional) @SuicideDollz
Poses- GLITTERATI - Pin up girl

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