Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moon Prism Power!!!

*DISCLAIMER- sparkles featured are  NOT the actual animation they were photoshopped in.

Me and a friend went to the Cutie Moon Fair last night, and I full on nerd attacked it.
I've been downloading the seasons of sailor moon now, since I haven't seen the show since a child.
I'm not 100% accurate cosplay wise but this fit makes me HAPPY!

By the way the staff ( pictured better below) IS ANIMATED it comes with a hud that features two transformation/ magic animations and also a pose, and stop button.

The case shown in the first image is actually the box it comes in, just wear to open.
I didn't edit the actual avi much besides brightening the star on her chest bow. So yes it looks that great in world.

All Items found at The Cutie Moon Fair!

Bag- Atomic Scout Bag (gacha 1)
Hair- /Wasabi Pills/ Bunny Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack
Kitten- Birdy/Alchemy - Lunar Kittens - Black Pack  /
Wand- ISON + tulip. Sailor Wand (Moon)
Fit- Violent Seduction - Eternal Uniforms (Moon)
Stockings- .Atomic. Scout Stockings - Moon
Shoes- fri. - Venus.Heels (Cloud)

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