Sunday, February 22, 2015

All Seeing

In one painful leap, 
Memories are free, 
Ones that are painful, 
Even those that are cruel, 
And damningly shameful, 
Again i look up, 
Into the sky, 
But now i see, 
A red glowing eye, 
It has quenched its thirst, 
For tonight, 
Now i am safe, 
Or at least while its light, 


Hair- MOON // Hair // Essentials - Neen@N21
Tats-{Speakeasy} Medusa Tattoo@CARNEVIL
Outfit- :Diamante: Apothecary - Mesh Outfit@CARNEVIL
Gloves Nana My Tape Black
NecklaceZombieSuicide- Brains Necklace @CARNEVIL
Poses-Vestige Victorian 1 @CARNEVIL


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