Sunday, February 8, 2015

Craving Salvation

Craving Salvation

by Me

Please dear Lord,
come and hear my plea.
Your favorite right hand angel
has been taken away from thee.

 Locked within this cage
and he has thrown away the key.
Love is lost to the world,
it's corrupted every time he touches me.

Don't you hear my plea?
Please come save me...

My wings have turned from white to red.
My heart now filled with  lust
My mind swarms with these feelings,
and God forbid I CRAVE his touch.

The bars strain against my breasts.
His fingers now in my hair.
A moan escapes my puckered lips,,
as my soul slips into despair.

Don't you hear my plea?
Please come save me...

HairCATWA HAIR Mia [Darks]
Wings-  RO - Eternity Lust
Foot wraps- :Z.S: Footy Wraps
CageDiesel Works - Nightingale's Sorrow (Photography Prop)
Piano- 2. Apple Fall Dolly Piano @Chap4


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