Saturday, April 5, 2014

El Lobo ( the wolf)

I guess I shouldn't have left those bloody foot prints laying around. Back in my cell I go then..

Facial tats / piercing- - .HoD. - Deardriu Face Paints & Piercing ( at we<3 rp)
Bra- =Kio=Bitch Bra- Gor ( at we<3 rp)
Shorts- Blueberry Dare *Mesh* Leather Tied Shorts
Chains-  7mad;Ravens BoltChain new release that will be exclusive to the 100 Block event, coming April 9th
Tatoos- Letis Tattoo :: Angry Wolf ( FreeStyle - The Urban Fair)
Paw Prints-  ::Czarny Kanarek:: Bloody wolf paw prints

We <3 RP Event

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