Monday, April 7, 2014

Poseidon's Heir

Our land was changed from a desert/zombie ranch and wasteland into a paradise...I think I could gawk at the scenery and my avi, myself for hours. Cavern Obscura has some of the most unique pieces I've found to date. Love that a lot of it can be re-sized, since my shape fluctuates a great deal.

Hair- Magika [03] Clarify
Headband- RO - Atlantis - Blue
Outfit- Rusalka I Outfit ~CRYSTAL WATER~ by Caverna Obscura
Nails- {Wicked} Peach - Mermaid Scale RARE
Arm snake- +Half-Deer+ Baby Cornsnake [Violetheart]
Hip horn- Primus X Raid Horn 1.2
Staff- *May's Soul* Moon staff silver

RO Main-

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