Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Soul Of A Slither

She is not old, she is not young,
The Woman with the Serpent's Tongue.
The haggard cheek, the hungering eye,
The poisoned words that wildly fly,

The famished face, the fevered hand,
Who slights the worthiest in the land,
Sneers at the just, contemns the brave,
And blackens goodness in its grave.


Hair- [Entwined] Holly - Group Gift
Left eye.r.M. - Ethereal Eyes - Gold [L]
Right eye.r.M. - Ethereal Eyes - Ghost [R]
Tiara- :Z.S: Tiara
Pauldrons- ieQED
Snake- Serpent (All Sets) by Diesel Works 
Dress- ! Vivace ! - Gown Adelaide 
SkinDeeTaleZ Skin Luna Eastern
Pose- Del May- Evanescence

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