Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Collecting Dust

What if all those forgotten dolls were really alive? Every wooden carving a vessel for a soul. And just like a child they craved  attention.But as cruel as fate would have it,they had none. What if every day of collecting dust, they only became stronger. From wood to flesh, and from flesh to reality. Days of longing,would now be  turned to hate. The twinkling of a music box to send shivers down your spine.

And there's a creepy doll 
That always follows you 
It's got a pretty mouth 
To swallow you whole… 

And when you come home late, the doll is waiting up for you 
And when you fix a snack, the doll says it would like one too 
The doll is in your house and in your room and in your bed 
The doll is in your eyes and in your arms and in your head - and you are crazy. 

Now it's late and you head downstairs 
'Cause you just can't sleep so you make some tea 
And the doll disapprovingly asks 
If you really need that much honey. 


Hair- > Asset < Lamar Hair @ Hipster Fair
Dress- Livid: Barock Doll Dress_Stardust/leggings
Collar/purse/bootsLivid : Barock Accessories
MannequinsRO - Dress Form Mannequin Container (group gift)
StringsCurio Obscura - Marionette Control and Strings Black
Key- Damiano Creations- Gothic Doll Key


1. DM Sobriety test #1
2DM  Centred
3DM Soar

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