Thursday, January 8, 2015

Curse of The Llama

I may look like a child,with this fare complexion
But all you do in this forest, may come to my attention.
For I am queen of the fishies.
Protector of all.
And we shall never fall.

I once met a boy,down by the pond.
Who was cruel indeed,and from far beyond.
He'd lean down and hoist them,between thumb and forefinger.
Ripping their poor tails off,without even a moment to linger!

Fury became me and I lifted my wrist.
And I gave him a bop,and even a twist.
That mean boy sputtered and hissed.
And then he became a llama.


Hair- [LCKY] Lynlee // DIPPPP* Pack
Eye- (Right) .random.Matter. - Ethereal Eyes - Ghost
Eye- (Left) .random.Matter.  - Ethereal Eyes - Gold
Crown- Milk&DRD CROWN pack-
Necklace/fish- +Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish [Love]
Cuffs- .aisling. Eunice - Bracelets Gold
Wand- .Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master - Wand (Gold)
Dress- ::candy cloud:: promo angle candy red-for kids
Llama- Birdy - Candy LOLlama - Companion - Magic RARE @Chap4
PosesKOY - Spells

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