Monday, January 12, 2015

Her Insolence

She wasn't born this way as her, dare she say it, "loving" sister questioned. No she was once fair haired also,with eyes of blue and the world stretching out before her. Now those aspiring orbs had turned a motly green,and beneath her ensemble rot had begun to set in.But alas that was the price of fueling her jealousy. And as her sister scurried away in the manner of a scared,little mouse, she longed to snap that pretty little mouse's neck. Fear smelled good on her...

The raven haired princess had aspired to be everything the Queen,their mother,was. Her greedy eyes hungered for that crown, the planes  of her fingers knew every groove,every gem. But her dreams were shattered the day they explained how ascension worked.  Only the eldest child was eligible,upon the queens death,or her own day of marriage. She loathed her from then on.

So she plotted and toiled about in her tower, and bid her time well. Mother had fallen ill as of late,but fear not for she had a plan. As long as she feigned existence, the crown would stay put. All that was needed now was for "dear" sister to be out of her way. And for mother to wake up of course.

A sweet voice almost melodic beckoned the fairer one up the stairs once more. "I'm sorry for showing such cruelty," she spoke. "Come closer..I have a grand surprise." Being so trusting, she did just that. But, as the golden child stepped hesitantly forward,the blood stained sheets of that bed crept lower. With no help mind you, they did this of their own accord.

There lay a woman of cold alabaster skin, sewn together like a creepy doll. Her eyes painfully pinned open,lips a permanent smile. And so much blood. 
"I fixed dear mother sister."

Evil Princess (me)

HairAnalogDog - chance - blacks
Eyes- [Buzz] Bewitched Eyes - Poison
SkinDeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Luna Eastern @Uber
Coat/tightsLivid: Royal Decadence Coat_Evil Princess ~New
Shoes/gloves/crownLivid : Royal Accessories ~New

Good Princess (jade)& Part I of story ---> Info here 


  1. I love the story line and the photos too. Great job on the posts.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Glad some one enjoyed it.