Monday, January 19, 2015

Hide Your Wallets (pg 13)


Your backseat, 
that backward pickpocket,
that schemer taking cell phones and jackets and wallets
the pilfered seeds sewn, like lighthouses when they sprout
guiding me back again
back to you
back to that fucking backseat

Bringing you more goodies from CARNEVIL. If you haven't peeked at the latest round,do so. You can find the tats,lips, bracelets and top there.

Hair (not base)- little bones. RIOT - B&W
EyesIKON Promise Eyes - Denim
Shadow- .random.Matter. - Pestilence Eyeshadows - Noir
Lips- [ Infliction ] Carni Lips - Drk Grey Exclusive @ Carnevil
Bracelets- {Scene} AfterLife bracelet W/Power HUD - Bloggers - Exclusive @ Carnevil
Top- {joli} Nom Tops Exclusive @ Carnevil
Skirt- - Pr!cK - JOJ SILVER TOUCH  
SkinDeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Luna Eastern
Tat- { DATUM } Wicked games @ Carnevil
PoseHelaMiyo :: Poses Look in the sky
Shoes- !TLB - Batty Slink Heels/HUD @ Carnevil
GuitarNS  Like a Star (Mesh Guitar) rock attitude fashion fair

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