Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm Checking Out Of Adulthood!


Feeling melancholy, so when I logged on today I went for the mini version of me.
And of course We Love To Blog did not disappoint. This cheeky top can be found at The Boys Of Summer Fair by UNiQ PhaZe and even though a boy's shirt at first glance it's unisex and fit me well. Cute as a tomboy ain't I? Had to head for the market place to track down some jeans, and happened these free ones. Rest of the ensemble, the bear and lunch box is boogers, and the adorable hair is by D!va.

When  we wished to be older as children, this is not what I signed up for!
So I'm checking out from adulthood.
Turning back time to easier days.
When joy was as simple as mama cutting off the crusts.
Socializing meant recess.
Getting paid was dealt in candy.
No worries.
No cares.
No regrets.

It'll be 8 years august 20th that you left us, memories fade rather too quickly.
I don't remember much of childhood aside from getting sick.
Because that meant jello and pudding for a week.
And tons of chicken noodle soup, and us time.
I can barely recall her face..but..
I remember:

You were a mother.
You were a maid.
You were a nurse.
You were the good cop.
You were the bad cop.
You were a cook.
You were a teacher (professionally)
You were my tutor.
You were my confidant.
You were my protector.
You were my best friend.

But most of all..
 You were my hero.
And most of all.
You were my mother.

Hair- D!va - Hair "Bambi" (Fatpack) All haircolor sample pack (Gift)
EyesIKON  - Promise Eyes  - Denim
Teddy- BoOgErS - Daisy Bear @Arcade 
Poses- BABY - ToddleeDoo Fierce Poses
Hands- Cute Bytes - ToddleeDoo HandPoses
Lunch box- BoOgErS -  Lunch Box Blue
TopUNiQ PhaZe - Tude shirt- KID  toddleeDoo uni-sex @The Boys Of Summer Fair 
Jeans- [SKTD] Toddleedoo Diiego Straight Jeans Boxers Combo

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