Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Wrong Side Of Wonderland...


She stepped from the shadow a kettle in tow.
Her eerie complexion a sight to behold.
Poor Alice had come about the wrong side of wonderland indeed.
Four words were uttered. "Care for some tea?"
So with a quivering hand she reached for a cup.
Her eyes growing heavy after just a large gulp.
And the last thing she saw, her eyes closing swift, was a satisfied fear from the wonder land witch.

Hair- Soonsiki - Diamond MARCH GG
Eyes- -SU!- Scarlet Eyes RUBY
CollarGoth1c0 - Zombie bear collar
Skin-Arms- -DRD- Grinchhands dark
Outfit- Dark Passions - Tweedle Me - Modern @AliceInSexyLand
Shoes- .HollyWeird - Aliss - Heels // w/HUD @AliceInSexyLand

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