Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ahhh..A Monster!!

It was such a pretty snowfall today that I threw on the first warm clothing I could find and ventured from within our loft. Man I should have layered,it's awfully cold here.
I can feel my face numbing and turning rosy. As I turned my breath became paused,all trace of footprints were gone!How the hell am I finding my way back now.
And that's when the rustling started,no soon after some creature covered in snow lunged for my throat. Ahhhhhhhhh..monstttteeer!! No one about to hear my screams.

Thus my eyes fell downward,upon just a shivering ball of adorableness.There never was a monster,just my rampant imagination. As I wrestled the kitten into a pocket just as the winter fog dispersed, he shook.. Let's go home then...

Hair- ! Sugarsmack !  : Kat - Bombshell Blondes
Hoodie- ::GB::cat hoode 
Arm warmers- :Zombie.Suicide: Molko Armwarmers @Frost 2014(multiple colors)
EyesIKON Hope Eyes- Quicksilver
Jeans- *X*plosion X*Bolt MeshPants Female (Black)
Cat- ::GB::Hanging cat / American Short(have extras if needed)

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