Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finding Babushka (50 percent OFF)

At dawn while the snow still settled upon the eaves,and not even a creak stirred in this house, she was  gone as fast as her poorly thought out footwear could take her. She referred to it as a house,in the  way that how could such a vacant and isolated house be referred to as a home? Babushka felt no warmth or semblance  of loyalty,just the coldness of his actions and how isolated he kept her atop this mountain.

Hands winding up,fingers threading threw the thick fur at her shoulders,she pulled it closer and stilled. In the faint distance a single howl was heard,and the pattering of heavy paws upon snow.He had found her,sent the wolves after her like some prized game.Something to stuff and mockingly adorn his mantle most likely, Heart beating fast she stoically cried.No sound  or even a quiver escaped her lips,no limb moved from its place. Only mascara ridden tears beckoned her cheeks to turn icy,for she now could feel the warm breath upon her,and inhale the poignant stench of wet fur...

Hat-  Maxi Gossamer - Fur Collar and Hat - Babushka 50%off@WinterTrend
EyesIKON Promise Eyes - Oxidation
Jacket-  Maxi Gossamer Fur Bolero - Yolanda  50%off@WinterTrend
Skin- :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ MIMI ] - [ sunkissed ]
PantsImmerschoen Girl - Mesh Skinny LEATHER Pants 
Wolf- Alchemy - Dire Protector - Shadow


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