Friday, December 12, 2014

You know.....I could kill

More goodies from CARNEVIL and Zombie Suicide. Scoffs and pushes her new glasses higher onto the bridge of her nose. You know.....I could kill you quite easily...but I won't,dead people don't shop after all. Kidding of course..Or am I?

HairTRUTH HAIR Ambrosia -  variety
Sunglasses- Cute Poison - Inverted Cross Shades@CARNEVIL
LipsDeeTaleZ Makeup BLACK Lips glitter
Top- [R3] - Silvia Double Shirt [V3]
Bottom- /heathenesque/ Slim Cordies-Black
Shoes- :Z.S: Sash Heels   New@Zombie Suicide in multiple colots
Poses- Vestige The Death Day @CARNEVIL
Shape-  Nikki by Body Fluid@CARNEVIL

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