Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Just A Fairy Tale

We used to be so much more then a fairy tale.
We used to be more then forgotten memories lost among the pages..
We used to be more than your child's "silly little whim."
"Momma! I saw a fairy!" They would say.
"Magic is just a fable." Your reply every time.
A fairy died those days...

Don't you know?
The bump in the dead of night is us,battling to break free of these pages.
Free of these shackles that bind us.
Or should I say me...
For Mother Earth has become Mother Stone.
All my friends are gone.
Your lips,made sure of that.
Are you happy now?

HairCATWA HAIR Elsa ToddleeDoo [3]
EyesIKON Promise Eyes- Denim
Necklace- .HW. Kaptured -Mesh Choker- Purple Common @CARNEVIL
Dress- MoonChild-DeeDee Dress @CARNEVIL
Companion- !Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy [Companion](Past Arcade Item)
Wings- *~*Illusions*~* Apsara Wings: Copy (marketplace)
Tiara- MoonChild- MoonBeam - Purple Tiara@CARNEVIL

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