Thursday, March 5, 2015

3000 Miles from Korea

Pulling...well accidentally pulling that airlock lever wasn't my finest moment. But neither was assailing the flight attendant..or being carted off set. I didn't think I'd actually hit him, as the mic went flying. That poor journalist...He was still a nosy bastard though.

That's what inevitably brought me here though. Carted off on a plane,straight back to Korea.Dad will be so proud..Problem is this IS NOT KOREA!!!

HairMOON // Hair // Neen
Eyes- IKON - Promise Eyes  - Grey
Glasses-Rowne.Actress - Sunglass (Black) @Arcade ur  here
Robe- Rowne.Model - Robe@Arcade 
JacketGizzA - Suede Blazer [Black] 
Pants- CuteBomb Bootylicious BBottoms(Corduroy) @CARNEVIL
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails - All Cracked Up
RingDarkPassions - Obnoxious Tetacle Ring - H P Lovecraft  B&W - ULTRARARE
Compact- Rowne.Model - Compact@Arcade 
Microphone- Rowne.Singer - Microphone@Arcade 
Vanity/chair- Rowne.Model - Vanity Table & Chair RARE@Arcade or 600L here
Poses- *PosESioN* Gold 

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