Sunday, March 22, 2015

Open 4 Buisness

Round 8 of CARNEVIL has now begun. So far all I've unpacked has been on the punky/goth side, and I'm loving it. If you knew me RL you'd know I squealed at unboxing Tripp Pants lol... Pared nicely with an old Foxes jacket and both Scene's & Beyond Persuasion's jewelry.

Oh, and don't fuss over it being too low cut. You guys can fit inside just as fine, but for a more demure crowd the pants come in a higher cut also.


Hair- *The Stringer Mausoleum* Helmet Head - Basics Pack (base not included)
EyesIKON  - Promise Eyes - Evening
Septum- {Scene} Starlet Crescent Piercing @CARNEVIL
Earrings- Beyond Persuasion design - Night's own rebel Set @CARNEVIL
SkinEssences - {Storm: Pale01} @Skin Fair
Shape- Essences -{Fortuna: shape c/m/nt}@Skin Fair
Collar- Beyond Persuasion design  - Night's own rebel Set @CARNEVIL
Jacket- [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Black
TopCuteBomb - Plain Net Top @CARNEVIL
PantsCuteBomb - Plain Sagz @CARNEVIL

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