Saturday, March 21, 2015


"Why do mere mortals insist on calling upon me, at such a horrid  hour?"
No sooner said, did the morning rays reflect upon her caramelized skin,thus earning a hiss and a ruffle,the ash from her skin sputtering about.


Hair- +Spellbound+ Sweetsleep // Chapter III : Magic
Headpiece- *The Stringer Mausoleum * Spydra Horns - Uncommon 2 - Earthday
Eyes- IKON Promise Eyes - Evening
MaskDeviousMind- "Piume e Fiori" **PERLA D'UORO** (BOX #5)
Bangles- [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha 
NailsDarkPassions - Koffin Nails - 80's Neon Lights (Apply Your Body Hunt)
Dress- *Preptopia* Midnight Jazz Sea Green 


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