Monday, March 23, 2015

Overrun by gachas!!!


Commons 25L
Rares 100

Sold (less multiple)

Adjunct Harajuku Ring 1, 3, 7 & 8 ALL SOLD

.aisling. Eunice Bracelets Black & Gold, Hands Black & Gold ALL sold

.aisling. LadyofHighgarden Hands ( Black )   1 left

Atomic Scout Bag 5 ALL sold

+Half-Deer+ Summer Delights - Ice Cream Ears & Sundae Hat ALL SOLD

little bones Moon Child Burnout Rare, Royal & Vibrant All Sold

Tee*fy The Unusual Bags Dream TV Black All sold

Tentacio Num Num Takoyaki & Takoyaki Box 1 left

alchemy winter is comming gray GONE
the skinnery valerie 3 1 left
lode head accessory black and yellow 1 black
spellbound headdress both
half deer avertine horns - forget me to, fantasy, leyelac, cosmology GONE

lode head accessory ceri band 1 left

a. lubin & goupil cute & neutral  goupil mad
gb neck sleep cat GONE
zenith leather handbag  GONE
c'est la vie beads & fringe red and brown  GONE
7891 bag moxchino  GONE
DRD -zombie apoc- leg strap GONE

For Sale

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